Merlin HV 105

Merlin HV 105 is a single seat high-wing ultra-light equipped with the HK S 700E four-stroke engine. Its powerful and reliable gear together with the roomy cockpit makes it comfortable to fly but also suitable for more demanding markets.

The fuselage of this all-metal plane is of a semi-monocoque construction with vertical structural members and longitudinal stringers. The front fuselage, from the firewall to the rear of the cockpit consists of a riveted aluminium alloy tub. The door is top-hinged, supported by a gas strut in the open position.

Merlin's wings as well as the tail surfaces are fully aluminium skinned. The aircraft has a fixed tricycle undercarriage with two moulded composite cantilever main legs and a steel tube steerable and telescopic noseleg.

Technical Parameters Europe United States
Wing span 7,943 m 26,06 ft
Wing area 7,201 m2 77,51 ft2
Length 5,197 m 17,05 ft
Height 2,169 m 7,12 ft
Cabin width 0,7 m 2,30 ft
Empty weight mE 180 kg 396,9 lb
Maximum take-off weight mMAX 300 kg 661,5 lb
Fuel tank capacity 44 l 11,62 gal
Stall speed with flaps VSO 64 km/h 34,54 knots
Stall speed without flaps VS1 77 km/h 41,55 knots
Maximum flap speed VFE 125 km/h 67,46 knots
Maximum horizontal flight speed VH 225 km/h 121,42 knots
Never exceeded speed VNE 243 km/h 131,14 knots
Power unit – HKS 700E 45 kW 60 HP
Propeller – DMP1 (diameter) 1,665 m 5,463 ft


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