Merlin HV 103

“Merlin HV 103 has slimmer wing shape which allows for higher speed. For its practicality, good performance and affordability it is ideal for general sports flying and touring.

This single seat high-wing ultra-light aircraft's fuselage is of a semi-monocoque construction with vertical structural members and longitudinal stringers. The front fuselage, from the firewall to the rear of the cockpit consists of a riveted aluminium alloy tub. The door is top-hinged, supported by a gas strut in the open position.

The wings as well as the tail surfaces are fully aluminium skinned. The aircraft has a fixed tricycle undercarriage with two moulded composite cantilever main legs and a steel tube steerable and telescopic noseleg.

This model is equipped by the two cylinder two-stroke Rotax 582 with 65 horsepower. The reliable engine is fitted with a three blade ground-adjustable DMP1 composite propeller.

technical Parameters Europe United States
Wing span 7,943 m 26,06 ft
Wing area 7,201 m2 77,51 ft2
Length 5,197 m 17,05 ft
Height 2,169 m 7,12 ft
Cabin width 0,7 m 2,30 ft
Empty weight mE 180 kg 396,9 lb
Maximum take-off weight mMAX 300 kg 661,5 lb
Fuel tank capacity 44 l 11,62 gal
Stall speed with flaps VSO 64 km/h 34,54 knots
Stall speed without flaps VS1 77 km/h 41,55 knots
Maximum flap speed VFE 125 km/h 67,46 knots
Maximum horizontal flight speed VH 225 km/h 121,42 knots
Never exceeded speed VNE 243 km/h 131,14 knots
Power unit – Rotax 582 model 99 48 kW 65 HP
Propeller – DMP1 (diameter) 1,665 m 5,463 ft


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